Kamis, 29 Januari 2009


Happy Birthday to our friend
-guess who's wearing his crown-

Tanggal 17 kemaren, ada temen yang ulang tahun ke 25(ato 24?) ......... gfnya mengadakan surprise party (masih normal) ........ di McD (oh). pake acara anak2, yang ada badut-Grimace, kantong permen, jelly, snack. pake mahkota yang tulisannya: Prince..... atau Princess....... (what?)
aw-so-cute. hehehe.
Man, you're lucky to have her.


Rabu, 28 Januari 2009

CamPhobia (F***ing Headache)

Today I got the first headache of the year.

When I'm not comfortable with something I usually dont realize what the cause of it. I just take note for the situation I've been, and try to analize what it is actually.

Like when I found out that I have a bit of klaustophobia. It's when I take course in Ganesha, we were studying in a narrow room with full of student. that's when I feel closer to the death. I dont immedietly realise it's because of the room. I just guessing I'm become paranoid of death-or maybe I was just became crazy.

Then, last year, when my company merge with ('into' will be more accurate) another bank, we have a lot of meeting. and the meeting takes place in newly renovated building. and the meeting room is trangle shape. imagine a usual room which had 4 corner- this one only have 3. that's when i'm getting headache, eventough the meeting only last 1 hour or so. and that's when I realize, I'm a klaustophobic.

When I went to Lampung last year, I got headache everyday, eventough it get better at night, the next day it'll come again. like someone try to squeeze my head to take headjuice (whatever it is). I was guessing it just the sun.

Now, when I got first headache of 2009. I realize I've got bigger problem than just-the-sun. yeah, it's because 'the one who should never be named'. from now on, i refer her (whops!) as you-know-who.

I'm sorry for whoever offended by this post. I just try to get it out of my head (which i can't anyway)


Sabtu, 24 Januari 2009

I miss you