Jumat, 27 Juni 2008

Keep Calm and Carry On

Perhaps you never seen this poster. Or you have.
I've been googling and blogwalking for some design-oriented webs, and I remember seeing this interesting poster.

The poster itself is cute and the message is useful for some situation.

Well, today, as I’m looking for something to hang on my wall, I found this poster, again. Then by googling, I found out that the reason behind this poster’s creation is shocking. You can read the history here

I don’t know why, but the article gives me ghost bump. Who ever thought this poster is supposed to be use in time of crisis? Wow, amazing history behind this pink poster. (yeah, perhaps it’s not originally pink).

Anyway, it’s been a slow day at work. Can’t believe I’ve posted 3 blog entries.

Have a great weekend!


Rocover Permanent Deleted Email - Outlook

I'm posting this bcoz of a particular person who keep incidentally deleted outlook email (yeah, more than once). So when it happens, we don't have to googling all over the place to find this helping article.

The idea is that when you permanently deleted your emails, the emails actually weren’t deleted. outlook only delete the index, so it seems like your emails is gone to some kind of black hole, but in fact, they only hide somewhere in the data 'forest'. Yeah yeah.
This email recovery is simple. but it could be helpful if you do backup before you started. This magic trick is done by using hex editor to corrupt the pst file, then repair it by using Repair Tool, SCANPST.exe.

simple right?

The step-by step procedure can be find here

When the particular person deleted the emails, and try to restore it, it work for one pst file, but when it tried on the other pst file, it didn't work. Perhaps bcoz she (or he?) shut down her/his computer before tried it on second pst file. well, maybe if you restart or shutting down, the deleted emails is deleted for real. just maybe.

So, when you do same mistakes, recover it ASAP. tomorrow maybe too late.


sugar + olive oil + honey mask

this beauty tips is great. using the everyday-ingridients, simple yet useful.
source: michelle phan's site

ingridients (for multiple usage):
3 tablespoons of EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 cup of Granulated Sugar
2 tablespoons of Honey

mix it all, and ready to apply. and you can keep the remaining mixture for later use (but do not refrigerate).


Rabu, 25 Juni 2008


these game are great, really.
just try to solve it, it keeps your mind busy

you also can find them here
i just wanna start solving hapland3. let's hope I don't tempted to find some walktrough..


Selasa, 24 Juni 2008

oh shiny shiny!

I love this.. (bracelet)

and this.. (love belt)

iseng, gua buat video nya (bracelet)

and this is me, wearing them.
*emang di fotonya banyak noise nya, soalnya waktu moto ga cukup cahaya.
gpp lah, biar ga gitu jelas.
kan makin ga jelas makin keliatan cantik - makanya ada istilah "kalo diliat dari monas pake sedotan"



Rinoa Heartilly

nice hair-cut, not so nice outfit. too kinky.
I think they modify her eyes too. it's smaller.
overall, it's great a fan art.


Senin, 23 Juni 2008

I miss them

ini bunny yang gau beli di Bogor waktu jalan2 bareng temen kuliah.
buny paling lucu dan paling pinter yang pernah gua punya.

thanks to inge for the slide idea.


entertain yourself..

wanna make some abstract sketch but don't wanna waste more paper?
fed up with works and need some time killer?
here. entertain yourself.


Minggu, 22 Juni 2008

tekanan darah (bisa jadi) tinggi

wow. gimana cara gua gambarin keselnya ya...

bener2 deh.
sampai kapan gua bisa tahan ya. huhuhu...
i don't wanna give up, but its getting harder and harder.


sometime I wonder why this kind of situation really exist in the real life. but it's really do. most of us eventually do get through this.

eastern culture. can't keep things simple. (it's supposed to be simple right?)

when I ask for someone's opinion, I just want to hear one (or more) option or suggestion. not some requirement. so you are my user? what's next? made me business Requirement?! or should I say Business as Usual? (wops, local variable detected)
even if you are an "designer", I don't wanna hear you forcing me into your "design".
that's what I should say, shouldn't I?

yeah, if I want a war. (hmm I'm not sure)


perhaps I'll regret posting this.
but whatever! I need get it out somehow to chill out a little.
I assume people who read this wont understand what's this all about anyway.
(except one person, if he/she smart enough)


Jumat, 20 Juni 2008

Bandung - Kota pecinta binatang :P

depan rumah mode (ikan sebesar paha)

CIWALK (salon anjing)



WC nya PVJ

Episode (dalam gedung ada kolam+gazebo)

next visit, mo ke cafe halaman ah. (tapi bukan yang di PVJ)
sop buntut bakar nya mentep.

catatan: juni ini ke bandung ber5, sewa mobil 24 jam, seorang abis kira2 150, pulang hari.


Kamis, 19 Juni 2008


from here

check out his entire comic, and say hello to the happy/sad little guy.


Kamis, 05 Juni 2008

another links..

Today I found these site entertaining..

1. Gold Miner
2. 3 Girls 2 Cans
3. PaperPlane

And there's a blog that full of inspiration. It's beautiful and almost made me cry.. this is about a husband who love his wife, about struggling with her illness, also about God's love and much more than that, check it out.

Altough I'm not done reading all of his post, but so far.. this is my fave.

ah.. amor..


Minggu, 01 Juni 2008


selama ini gu ga tau si emoticon-culun-yang-tampak-bodoh-tapi-cute itu diambil dari sini.

si sombong:

'aku memang lucu'

si kepala bawang ini banyak di pakai oleh khalayak ramai. termasuk blog nya elmo. dari situ baru gua sadar betapa banyak gaya-nya si pala bawang itu. ada yang muntah, marah, ngais2 tanah, nangis bahagia, nangis sedih, nangis mo mate, pura2 mate, minum teh, jedotin pala(bawang)nya, stress, malu...
kalo ada yang mau iconnya (yang rada gede) ada disini. Tapi untuk emoticon kecil2 yang kaya di bawah, blom ketemu link yang lengkap (ekpresinya).

salut buat deh yang design si culun ini.

trus.. kalo mo gampang post pake icon2 ini, bisa baca disini, atau ini singkat cerita-nya:

1. Download firefox here. (kalo uda ada ya ga usa)

2. Open your firefox.

3. Install grease monkey here.

4. Click this script, and than click install.

5. Go to your template editor (di blogger lah), and find this code ]]></b:skin>

6. Copy and paste following codes and place above of ]]></b:skin>
    img.emoticon {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;

7. Click Save Template button.

8. Done.


:please::ho: :ahaha: :scream: