Minggu, 27 April 2008

Wonder Woman - Mulan

Wonder Woman - Mulan Jameela

Kau tipu aku lagi,
mungkin sudah ke s’ribu kali,
tak tahu kapan akan berakhir,
s’gala penyiksaan ini.

Kamu tampar aku lagi,
dengan penyakit lama mu,
semakin lama aku pun bisa,
menjadi benar-benar gila.

Reff :

Aku bukan,
wonder woman mu,
yang bisa,
terus menahan,
rasa sakit,
kar’na mencintai mu.
Hati ku ini,
bukanlah hati,
yang tercipta dari besi dan baja.
Hati ku ini,
bisa remuk dan hancur.

Kamu paksa aku,
menerima cinta mu lagi,
dengan segala,
tingkah laku mu,
yang membuat ku bingung.

Kamu tahan aku,
dengan logika mu lagi,
kau pikir aku,
akan mencair,
dengan rayuan mu.


Selasa, 22 April 2008

New Project

ok, things had gotten out of control lately.
i wanted to paint tree mural on my wall. the project is started this week. but it's take longer time than I thought.

I started by draw a sketch using chalk on my wall. maybe because I'm using Yellow Tailors Chalk, when i tried to erase it, it wont go off. ow...
my Mom's will be mad at me for this. Maybe she trow me out, and I just have to live on the street. (lebai?)
anyway. now that wall is half covered by tape. I try to finish this tree-mural this week. or maybe I just get over the tree-mural syndrome, take off the tape, wipe clean the evidence (chalk's line) on walls, and get on with my life, hopefully before my Mom come, so I wouldn't live on the street.
But.. but.. What should I do? if I give up now, I will never know, what my life would be having you on my wall, oh tree-mural.
only time can answer that.

new dilemma of my life

take a closer look

the tape


this week or next, you can find me making one of this delicious recipe.

some kind of soup

or matcha ice cream

or the impossible green tea tiramisu

click the image to know more.


Senin, 14 April 2008

one minutes Painting


Rabu, 09 April 2008

Cubicle Girl

when oh when, I no longer be a cubicle girl..


Fresh Milk, Fresh air @ Cimory

image source: DetikFood

Last saturday, we (me, jere, and my fam) planned to go to Bogor.
Then the trip went its own way... so we had lunch at Puncak, I dont even remember where.
Then, my sis want to see what Cimory looks like, so we decided to drop by.
It's a nice place, with the balcony and the fresh air.
fresh milk (Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Plain,..) for only IDR4500 per glass.
They provide milk delivery too. free of charge and 2 bottles minimum.
Then, we went home.

On Sunday, when we went home from puri mall, we saw this (in the puri indah residence):

i dont know what happen to the driver.
don't forget to drive safety...


Kamis, 03 April 2008

Rabu, 02 April 2008


Inflation 1923-24: A German woman feeding a stove with currency notes, which burn longer than the amount of firewood they can buy.

From wikipedia:

Rates of inflation of several hundred percent per month are often seen. Extreme examples include:

* Germany in 1923 when the rate of inflation hit 3.25 × 106 percent per month (prices double every 49 hours)
* Greece during its occupation by German troops (1941-1944) with 8.55 × 109 percent per month (prices double every 28 hours).
* The most severe known incident of inflation was in Hungary after the end of World War II at 4.19 × 1016 percent per month (prices double every 15 hours).
* More recently, Yugoslavia suffered 5 × 1015 percent inflation between 1 October 1993 and 24 January 1994.

When I was looking information about how inflation effect economy, I found this article about hyperinflation.

Extreme things catch my attention. Mostly..


Graphic Artist is just a human after all